We provide consultancy services mainly on 3 practices below:

Data Management

We have extensive experience and deep knowledge on Data Management practice over 2 decades. Data increasingly is seen as a corporate asset that can be used to make better-informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits.

Companies need an effective strategy, governance, and data management model to leverage all forms of data for practical and efficient use across supply chains, employee networks, customer and partner ecosystems and much more.

We can help making your business goals come true with efficient data management…

Data Science

We help customers identify data science opportunities within their organisation, develop Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions to validate our customers business case and support them to bring these solutions to life. We are inquisitive by nature, and we love exploring solutions using state of the art technology and algorithms. Ultimately our goal is to deliver great Data Science solutions that meet the customer needs by keeping true to our scientific and analytical methodology.

Platform Engineering

Platform engineering is an emerging and trending technology approach that can accelerate the delivery of applications and the pace at which they produce business value.

We improve developer experience and productivity by providing self-service capabilities with automated infrastructure operations. We promise to optimize the developer experience and accelerate product teams’ delivery of customer value.

We implement reusable tools and self-service capabilities with automated infrastructure operations, improving the developer experience and productivity. This technology approach utilises reusable configurable application components and services. The benefit to users is in standardised tools, components and automated processes.



We deliver bespoke E2E Data + AI solutions using techs



We use various programming languages in our solutions at data processing, real-time data ingestion, developing front-end and back-end applications along with data tools and techs.

data-modelling-home-iconData Modelling

Data Modelling

We design relational database models for Web and Mobile applications with 3rd NF and BCNF. We also design data warehouse layered structure in 3rd NF, Star or Snowflake schema using Kimball Model ( Dimensional Model ) with Change Data Capture (CDC) and Slowly Change Dimension ( SCD ) types implementation using popular Data Modeller tools. In data warehousing architectural perspective, we may apply Enterprise Data Warehouse ( EDW ) or Data Vault approach in database design depending on the requirements and data sources.

data-warehouse-home-iconData Warehouse

Data Warehouse Databases

We use different type of databases in our solutions regarding nature of the requirements and decide how to store, process and retrieve of data in effective and efficient way.

NoSQL-home-iconNoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases

We use different type of databases in our solutions regarding nature of the requirements and decide how to store, process and retrieve of data in effective and efficient way.

relational-databases-home-iconRelational Databases

Relational Databases

We use different type of databases in our solutions regarding nature of the requirements and decide how to store, process and retrieve of data in effective and efficient way.

data-home-visualisation-iconData Visualisation

Data Visualisation & BI

We deliver comprehensive dashboards using the most recent and popular Data Visualisation tools We have extensive experience on how to present data for business users via BI tool and visualise data on dashboards in the best manner.



We effectively configure and execute the most recent and popular DevOps tools in our projects to reduce costs drastically using Continuous Improvement and Continues Delivery ( CI/CD ) methodologies. We use containerization approaches as a most efficient way to build servers and scale them up and down when needed.

data-home-integration-iconData Integration

Data Integration

Ingest and unify data from multiple sources, then pipeline it to target systems, always ensuring data integrity. Control data movement and data transformation, from source to target systems, code-free. Our Data Engineers can develop Data Pipelines using any of the ETL or ELT tool depending on tech stack in our customers’ projects.

data-home-streaming-iconData Streaming

Data Streaming

We focus on real time data replication, ingestion and processing in the leader platforms and techs. Basically, we design data streams with batch processing as a backbone of the real time decision support and monitoring systems. We deliver End to End Data Streaming along with IoT ( Internet of Things ) solutions.

AI-and-machine-learning-home-iconAI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

We define data patterns, extract business value, train & deploy ML models. We have extensive experience on ML algorithms as well as AI services on cloud platforms. We mostly use Spark and Python Machine Learning libraries in our project.

big-data-home-iconBig Data

Big Data

We have a great deal of experience on the latest Big Data techs. Basically, Ingestion of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data from different type of source systems in various forms and frequencies, storing them in the distributed and fault-tolerant file systems. Curation, Exploitation of data on Big Data Platforms.

cloud-home-iconCloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies

We offer Data + AI, CRM and ERP solutions on the leader cloud platforms using IaaS, SaaS, PaaS service models.



We basically rely on TOGAF, ITIL and Agile frameworks, standards and principles on Architecture Development and Project Management. We encourage all our team members to gain knowledge and certifications on them.

  • Enterprise Architect: TOGAF
  • Agile Project Management: PMI-ACP
  • Managed Services: ITIL

Modern ways of delivering value in a co-creation effort of stakeholders, using an Agile approach in a customer-focused setting. We use modern technologies, including DevOps and cloud computing. Its holistic approach not only supports the management of IT services, but also supports other domains, enabling the integration of IT with the business and with other support domains.


We deliver the project work packages based on Agile mindset, figuring out which Agile practices will best suit an organisation, which spans many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development (TDD)


The way that TOGAF achieves its intended goal is to divide enterprise architecture into four Architectural Domains: Business, Application, Data, and Technical.

We execute TOGAF framework for developing and managing enterprise architecture.

We aim to accomplish using TOGAF framework:

  • Increasing the efficiency of enterprise architecture development
  • Learning and using a Common Language in architectural requirements
  • Meeting organisation’s needs better
  • Earning new opportunities
  • Providing a big picture, long-term view
  • Improving managerial skills


Goaltech has taken the road on the purpose of providing high quality product & services which make you be closer to your goals using latest Data & AI techs. As company directors, we are proud of having more than 2 decades experience on Data techs.

We closely follow new emerging technologies as well as having broad knowledge and expertise on Data + AI. Therefore, we offer the best technology combinations based on our customers’ needs along with a good balance on time, cost and quality perspectives.

We provide consultancy services to our corporate customers targeted mainly on data analytics, data science, data warehousing, data architecture, data integration, big data solutions, data visualisation and cloud computing, engaging in financial services, online marketing, retail sector, government agencies.

We are proud of offering extensive IT professional services to achieve your goals. Our biggest ambition is to make our customers left with a smile. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with high quality, lower cost and on time. We are continuously investing R&D activities and innovations on Data Analytics & Data Science domains which gain us deep knowledge and expertise onto our consultancy services.





Having a 2-decade experience only in Data Technologies


Expert on AI + Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Streaming, Data Visualisation, Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Data Lake and DevOps

Broad Vision

Having variety of technology stack knowledge & experience & broad vision to create custom solutions based on business requirements and goals

E2E Delivery

Providing end to end data solutions deliverables: requirement analysis, data quality, data architecture, data modelling, development, test, deployment, support

Excellent References

Having many successful deliveries on complex data and artificial intelligence solutions

Most Customer Centric

Being the most customer centric company. Creating above satisfactory level deliverables

Bar Raising

Insisting on the highest standards, delivering high quality products, services and processes. Continually raising the bar on the delivery standards

Make it Simple

Feeding invention and innovation in our solutions and finding ways to simplify

Best Practices

Applying best practises on technology and methodology usage


Accomplishing more with less. Using customer budget in the most efficient and effective way. Frugality is the one of our guides


Continually following up emerging technologies, methodologies and approaches on Data + AI

R & D

Investing Research & Development projects, innovations and team cultures


Sector experiences

  • Financial Services; Banking, Investment and Insurance
  • Telco and ISP
  • E-Commerce, Retail and Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Government & Public Sector

Domain experiences

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Profitability and Performance Management
  • Risk Management, Credit Risk, Asset Liability Management, Basel 3
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering ( AML ), Fraud Detection
  • ERP, CRM and Supply Chain Management


We are in negotiations for partnership with technology companies: